Hey there!

I am a photography enthusiast living in Turkey.

Coming from the analog era, I still, miss the exceptional aesthetics of film and try to achieve the same unique look with my digital cameras.

I mostly use Fujifilm cameras, since I am very fond of Fujifilm film simulations. Not against shooting raw, but I mostly prefer shooting jpeg and spend more time with shooting rather than post-processing.

I also love to shoot with vintage manual glass, mounted on my mirrorless cameras, and maintain a quite large collection of old lenses.

Hope you like my work and content.

May you need to contact me, you can drop me an email at: gonencaycan+visualdiary@gmail.com.

And you can follow my Instagram account: @ijohngone


PS: Please do not copy and/or use my photographs or content without my permission. I know you wouldn’t 🙂